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Imagine It Better
- Paperback

Enter the fantastical world of intrigue and possibility where nothing is as it seems, and everything has a life of its own! Imagine It Better looks at life through the lens of happiness and creativity to re-imagine the dreary and frightening with child-like wonder to breathe joy and life back into the soul. It is a unique and colorful journey that guides the reader through surreal dreamscapes, to explore the complexity of human emotions using a palette of creative STEM-based folklore and allegory.

We must be dreamers of dreams to envision our circumstances and the world better, and that begins with what surrounds us on a daily basis. Together we will make the world we dream a beautiful reality.

There is no other book like Imagine It Better. The lyrical, poetic language and surrealistic art are exceptional and make this book a unique treasure, and an intergenerational favorite.

Print ISBN: 9798218154066
Ebook ISBN: 9798218154073




2023 April 26


EN English


Molding Messengers, LLC​


44 pages