About Us

Based in Miami, Florida, Molding Messengers is an innovative full-service book publisher that is prepared to work with you during any stage of the writing, publishing and marketing process. We aim to serve authors both near and far who are ready to share their work with the world.

Equipped with a team of editors and marketing specialists, publishing your work has never been easier. What separates Molding Messengers from other publishing companies is that we value our ability to work one-on-one with our clients from the moment they submit their manuscripts until the completion of the projection.

We believe that the individualized attention that we provide our clients truly makes a difference when helping them master their writing. We will help you deliver your book to your intended audience. Additionally, we will share your final product with our network of followers and newsletter subscribers in order to share your work with new readers.

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Over at Molding Messengers, we love books. Some of us prefer paperback and some of us prefer hardcover. In today’s world, many people are leaning towards Kindles and other e-readers. Luckily, Molding Messengers has the means to turn your book into an e-book which can be published on major platforms like Amazon and iBooks.

Mission Statement

We believe that the best art delivers a powerful message. Authors write for millions of reasons and often aim to speak to different audiences with different purposes. Our mission is to create a platform that allows artists the ability to deliver their message with ease and clarity. We are here to see that our clients succeed and their vision becomes a reality.

“Let us deliver your Message!