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We provide a full-service publishing experience for authors who are ready to share their story with the world. PUBLISH TODAY We provide a full-service publishing experience for authors who are ready to share their story with the world. Schedule a Call

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Book Publishing without the Hassle and Headache

Whether you are a first-time writer or a well-seasoned author, one thing is for sure: you want to publish your book without headache and confusion. Molding Messengers is a full-service publishing firm that shares your vision of a hassle-free publishing process. We have the team and tools to get your book edited, published and into the hands of your target audience. 


Our priority is providing a smooth publishing experience that serves your every need. 

We are prepared to climb aboard at any point of your journey and ride it out with you until your book is on the shelves.  If your manuscript is ready for an editor, we will start there. If you need some coaching or consulting to breathe some life into your amazing idea, we can help you with that, too.

Having a team of consultants, editors, designers and legal specialists on your side truly amps the publishing process to the next level. Self-publishing can be extremely overwhelming since there are so many parts to it, so having access to our team makes it much easier on you.

We are here to support you in sharing your message with the world and help you avoid the snags and hiccups that tend to arise when you publish on your own.


Are you curious about the price of publishing? Let’s get on a call to talk about our payment plans and publishing packages for every budget!

Delivering Your Book to the Masses

So, you spent weeks, months or even years writing your prized piece of work. It’s probably safe to assume that you want people to read what you’ve worked so hard to create.

One of the advantages of working with Molding Messengers as opposed to self-publishing is that we have the connections to get your work to global wholesale book distributors. This means that we have the power to make your book available in just about all of your favorite bookstores and online retail spaces.


Another plus to this is that libraries will be able to afford your books at the low rate that is only made possible by these wholesalers. This is a great way to build your fanbase since your work will be consumed by even more readers.

When you self-publish, you only have the capacity to print on demand which makes that part of the process much more expensive, thus decreasing your profit margins. Investing in a publishing package will save you money in the long run.




As a full-service publishing house, we have the resources to turn your idea into a book. We will have your book printed or turned into an e-book and made available on the shelves of your favorite bookstore!


Literary Consultation

Do you have a vision for a book, but don’t quite know how to execute?
Our team of writers is here to help you through the process, from brainstorming to formatting to publishing!



So, you’ve got an amazing story and are ready for the world to hear it, but you haven’t quite figured out how to get your words in front of eyes. We have got you covered! Our expert marketing team is ready to share your book with the world.


Global Distribution

Publishing with Molding Messengers allows you access to our friends. You’ll be plugged into our extensive global book distribution networks!

The Process

It is time to publish your manuscript! This process may seem overwhelming from the outside, but trust us! We are here to walk with you every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose our all-inclusive book publishing services!

Step 0: Coaching and Consultation

Do you have a really good idea for a book or you need a little guidance to get out of a tough spot in your writing process? 

Our “Step 0” is for those who need a little bit of literary consultation or coaching before the publishing process begins. 

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One of our team’s specialists will help you organize your thoughts and outline your vision so that you can move forward with your manuscript. If a literary consultation is not enough, we will happily pair you with a coach who can help you from brainstorming to writing and, eventually, to publishing!


Step 1: Manuscript Submission

So, your manuscript is good to go, and you’re happy with what you’ve written. It is time to submit that manuscript.

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You can submit your manuscript to [email protected] and we will get in contact with you ASAP!


Step 2: The Legal Stuff

One of the biggest concerns people have when publishing a book is that they have all rights to their work.

This concern is quite valid, so we take every possible measure to protect our writers.

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Our team has members who have studied law and worked in the legal field for years. It’s no Tom, Dick or Harry handling your contracts. It’s a team of highly knowledgeable professionals.


Step 3: Editing

And in comes the editor. You will be paired with one of our highly skilled editors that are ready to check your grammar, spelling and identify any areas of your book that need further development.

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You can expect to communicate primarily via email, but you are able to request calls with your editor as needed. Our one-on-one editing services help to maintain the integrity of your work while making necessary tweaks. You are always in control.


Step 4: Formatting and Cover Design

Next, we turn that perfect manuscript into a book. We take care of cover art, the format of the pages and all the other aesthetic components!

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Whether you want to keep things simple or you want elaborate illustrations, we will connect you with the artist that perfectly meets your needs.


Step 5: Distribution

As we mentioned before, distribution is major when it comes to publishing a book. Afterall, you want to make your book readily available to your readers.

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You can find our past books in most major book selling spaces, both physical and digital.
We have the connections to make your book available to wholesale book distributors, which makes the book more affordable to distribute.


Step 6 : Marketing

The book is on the shelves and in the online marketplaces. It is time to sell some copies.

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Our final step is creating and implementing a marketing strategy to get your book to the audience that you wrote it for.



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